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How to do a brazilian hair straightening on your own

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How to do the brazilian hair straightening therapy at home and save a lot of money

The brazilian keratin therapy is getting more and more famous in germany, after it is long known in the US. You can find many professional hairdressers, especially in the bigger cities, who offer the brazilian hair straightening But the keratin treatment, depending on your hair length, can take some 2-4 hours and therefore is not the cheapest you can do, with about 250-400€ of costs.

If you don´t want to spend such an amount for a treatment, which lasts about 3-4 months, then there is a simple solution for you: You can his is too much for you, then you can also do the Keratin Treatment at home with a special home kit for about 55€ (see below).

Straightened hair for a long time without the need for daily straighening 

To do the brazilian keratin therapy at home is very easy. The best way is to get a friend to do it for you. Maybe you can do her hair afterwards 😉

The brazilian hair straightening makes your hair much smoother, easier to comb and the hair gains gloss and elasticity. The effectivity of the keratin treatment depends on your hair type. Thinner and less curly hair is easier to smooth, but also with thick locks you will definitely see the smoothing effect. The treatment effect will last for about 3-4 months.

Increase duration of hair smoothing by using salt-free products

By using salt-free shampoos and conditioners regularly, the duration of the brazilian hair straighening can even be prolonged, so that you can enjoy the comforably smooth hair even longer without the need for daily smoothing with a hair iron.

What do I need to do the brazilian keratin therapy at home? 


QOD Organiq MAX Prime 4er Set – Formaldehydfrei (Link zu ebay)

1. Keratin treatment setQOD Organiq MAX PRIME 4-Kit Formaldehydfrei (Link to Ebay)
+ Färbezubehör Set*
2. Salt-free conditioner for the post-treatmentIT CURLS salt-free Keratin-conditioner*
3. Salt-free shampoo to prevent an early wash-out of the keratinIT CURLS salt-free Keratin-Shampoo*
4. Gentle hair iron with temperature control
Braun Satin Hair 7 (TOP cost-effectiveness)*


Remington Hair iron Keratin Therapy*

5. Hair dryer
Grundig HD 6080 Haartrockner*
6. The help of a friend to do the keratin treatment
Not available on amazon, yet 😉

(* = Link to Amazon)

QOD MAX Silver Brazilian Keratin Haarglättung (Link zu ebay)

QOD Organiq MAX Prime Brazilian Keratin Haarglättung (Link zu ebay)

You could also do the treatment by your own, but it will be much more comfortable and easier if a good friend will do it. Especially for the smoothing with the hair iron. Maybe you can pay it back by doing your friend`s hair afterwards 😉

How does the brazilian hair straightening work? – 8 steps to smoother hair

  • 1. Deep-cleansing: Wash your hair twice with the QOD Original Cleanse Shampoo** and dry it intensively with a towel afterwards.
  • 2. Thoroughly drying: Completely blow-dry the hair and comb it
  • 3. Apply the keratin treatment: Apply the keratin treatment (QOD MAX Hair treatment**) with the brush (included in treatment accessories set) and spread it equally on the whole hair. Remove surplus product with a comb. The whole hair should be soaked by the product..
  • 4. 10 Minutes of pause: Let the product work for 10 minutes.
  • 5. Hair Smoothing with the blow-dryer and a brush: After the break start to smooth the hair with the brush and a blow-dryer. the heat will activate the brazilian keratin. (About 5-10 minutes)
  • 6. Further smoothing with the ceramic hair iron: Afterwards smooth the hair with the hair iron at 200°C (F) for about 5 times to seal the keratin within the hair. THe right temperature is very important for the hair smoothing results. A too high temperature is always a burden for the hair, but with a temperature too low the effect of the keratin smoothing will also decrease. You should never exceed 230°C. If your hair is already damaged or coloured, you should not exceed 200°C. A   heat protection spray* can help to protect the hair from too high temperatures. Moreover a repairing hair care* in advance of the keratin treatment makes the hair more durable.
  • 7. Another pause of 15 minutes: Wait about 15 minutes after the hair smoothing.
  • 8. Wash out: Wash your hair profoundly with the QOD Max Post Treatment Shampoo**
  • 9. Conditioning: In the end apply the QOD MAX Post Treatment Conditioner** on the whole hair and dry the hair with a towel or a blow-dryer. And it is finished 🙂

**: included in the QOD Organiq MAX Prime 4-kit

Source of information: QOD Organiq MAX Prime 4-kit (Link to Ebay)

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